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                                       Intrinsically Safe Inclinometer

The intrinsically safe inclinometer is an optional feature of the Type 8 Model 2b node. It is certified to IEC 60079-0:2011 and IEC 60079-11:2011. for use in Group 1 Zone 0 environments.


Small IP55 sealed stainless steel encosure (30mm x 32mm x 60mm).

  • Based on state of the art MEMs triaxial accelerometer.
  • Includes free-fall, movement and orientation detection.
  • Self-test on powerup.
  • Fully encapsulated.
  • Networkable - over 80 units can be monitored by one rLNC (Local Network Controller) over distances of several kilometres.
  • Data logging may be by single polled events or automatic logging with user selectable rates.
  • Any network topology possible – daisy chain, ring, star or any combination of these topologies.
  • CRC-16 used in data transmission to detect any corrupted or incomplete data packets.
  • Status LED


The Type 8 inclinometer is designed for measuring angular movement in Group 1 Zone 0 environments. Data can be transmitted and logged to a safe area PC using the Holville Type 3 network.




Type 8 Data Logger IECEx ITA 12.0034X Certificate Type 8 Data Logger IECEx ITA 12.0034X Certificate (31 KB)